iTank by Doohan


The worlds first smart e-scooter with patented dual front wheel technology. Safe, fun and agile with world leading 1852W  motor from BOSH. Powered by an 18650 fast charge lithium battery with 45 – 70 Km endurance range*.
*Dependant on speed and rider weight.


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Some assembly required


Battery type: 18650 Ternary Lithium Battery
Voltage: 60V
: 26AH
Standard charge current: 4A
Maximum discharge current
: 45A
Standard charge time
: 6H~7H
Biggest continue voyage course
: 100KM(20km/h)
Power Capacity of Single Battery: 2600mAh
Battery Weight: 9KG
Charge and discharge of battery: 600 times
Ambient temperature range of 
battery use: 
-20°C to 60°C
Ambient temperature range of 
battery storage: -20°C to 60°C
Ambient temperature range of 
battery charging
0°C to 45°C
Cover plate material of the 
Battery Compartment: Aluminium plate
Battery protection system: Over discharge protection, short-circuit
protection, temperature protection, overcharge protection, over current protection, 
battery equalization protection
Motor type: Doctor Customized Motor
Motor controller: Sine wave controller
Rated power and rotate speed of motor: 1500W/550rpm
Maximum power and rotate speed of motor: 2350W/500rpm
Maximum torque and rotate speed of motor
: 135Nm/87rpm
Maximum recoverable energy: 10%~15%
Maximum current of controller: 45A
Motor energy utilization rate: 88%
Headlamp: LED
USB charging port: 5W, 5V, 1A

Vehicle length: 1780mm
Vehicle height: 1030mm
Track front: 460mm
Vehicle width: 730mm
Wheelbase: 1250mm
Curb weight: 99KG
Rated voltage: 60V
Maximum Payload: 160KG
Personnel quota: 1 person
Climbing ability: 
≥25%(Load 80KG)
The standard power consumption: 2KWh/100km(20km/h)
Designed maximum speed: First gear 25km/h, Second gear 45km/h
Braking distance(dry land): ≤2m(20km/h), ≤3.5m(30km/h)
Braking distance(wet land): ≤3m(20km/h), ≤4m(30km/h)
Front shock absorber: Sleeve Oil Damping Type
Rear shock absorber
: Sleeve Oil Damping Type
Front tire Type: 80/100-12×2
Rear tire Type: 
Front Brake Mode: 160mm Rotor Double-piston Hydraulic Disk
Rear Brake Mode: 190mm Rotor Double-piston Hydraulic Disk
Minimum Ground Clearance: 130mm
Saddle height: 750mm
Max angle of leaning: 
Max angle of steering: 
Two rounds of gap 
between maximum distance: 

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incl. GST + ORC + delivery freight