iTango by Doohan


The very latest in dual front wheel scooter technology.

Advanced design, short re-charge time and powered by Bosh to deliver the ultimate riding experience.

Try it – you’ll love it!


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Some assembly required

More safety and more fun!

DDWT-S technology (Underneath side-deflection dual-front-wheel system), Delivers the ultimate in safety and ride experience. Featuring light-weight design, stunning appearance and multiple breakthroughs of steering angles.


Size L*W*H: 1648mm*651*1110mm
Wheel base: 1150mm
Track front: 460mm
Rated Voltage: 48V
Maximum loading weight: 154kg
Battery: 48V16AH Lithium Battery
Motor: 1200W (Rated power) BOSCH Motor
Rim: Aluminium
Braking: Three Hydraulic Disc Brake
Range (approx.): 50km (25km/h)
Speed: 25km/h (max. speed mode)
Colour: Red, Black, White
Intelligent system: NO
Dashboard: LCD
Front Suspension System: DDWT-S

Cruise control: YES
Keyless starting: YES (with directional lock)
Charge time / Quick Charge: 5H/Y
Charge: 3A
Roll-lock system: YES
Front Shock Absorber: Sleeve, oil damping
Rear Shock Absorber: Sleeve, oil damping
Cushion Height: 740mm
Max. Leaning angle: ≤30°
Maximum steering angle: ≤34°
Maximum drop height of front wheel: 180mm
Battery weight: 10kg
Battery Protection System: Over discharge protection, short-circuit protection, temperature protection, overcharge protection, over current protection balance protection of battery

ride free

with the all new iTango

The electric scooters with real x-factor!


incl. GST + ORC + delivery freight